Is Anybody There?

Probably not, at least not yet. So why create a blog with no potential readers? The main reason is that I find writing ideas down in concrete form a necessary first step in the process of taking an idea to a finished implementation. It forces me to perform some actual rough calculations and flesh out the idea. Often this process results in the realization that the original idea is impractical, impossible or just plain bad and instead leads to better ideas in the end.

The other important reason for writing ideas down is to actually remember them weeks and months later. I tend to jump from idea to idea much like a hummingbird flies between flowers and without some permanent form some ideas may be lost forever.

The last and least important reasons is that these posts may, at some point in the future, be useful to someone else with similar ideas. The great things about the Internet is that it is capable of linking people with similar ideas and goals no matter where they may be.



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